To provide free medical facilities to the Poor and downtrodden people of India in General and some others from outside of India in particular.

To make people aware of the legal, constitutional and consumer rights, Fundamental rights, etc..

To motivate and encourage the youth to actively participate in the movement of the forum and thereby enable them to face the challenges of the social evils for the eradication of Drugs and other menaces.

To create a common platform to address public grievances with special reference to Medical Health especially in the transplantation of Organs free of cost.

To promote social welfare activities with an emphasis on women protection and empowerment and also built in the communities and society where there are broken relationships

To work for the betterment of welfare section militancy related victims, backward ST, SC, OBC. Women children, senior citizens, and disabled etc.with a vision of social justice and medical health

To speed up the process of rural development and strengthen the agricultural and horticultural and animal husbandry sector also to provide better health to the public.

To construct the hospitals and nursing homes and also manage the ambulance services to patients and when required.

To make affirmative coordination with the state and central government in the implementation of health developmental schemes during and after the time of nay disasters like an earth quack, Flood, Boarder shelling and any type of accident

To hold medical camps, eyes camp, blood donation camp, to provide medicine, ambulance facilities and other medical help to the poor, needy and old person.

To educate the community about social responsibilities and import the knowledge of various social services available so as to enable them to make use of the scheme.

To establish, conduct and manage welfare center for the development of the aged person viz, Senior citizen, widows, and orphans.

To organize/construct a home for old aged person viz, Senior citizens

To undertake educational/tech. Education rehabilitation program particularly for militancy victims, women, Backwards and minority class people

To fight against exploitation, injustice, and corruption if found against any individual class community in the society

To educate the people for the adoration of the good norms of good citizenship and to insulate in the people’s mind, ideas of national unity.

To work for uplifting the status of women in work against female circumcision and a fight against the victimization of Girl/ Women by anybody in the society on female circumcision or any other related issue.

To provide help under health & nutrition service for women & children.

Train the downtrodden people in general human resource development in view of the emerging need such as database development resource survey methodologies, computer, environmental studies, Health, Education, and Energy problems.

To arrange and provide medical aid and other assistance necessary for the lying to the needy people who are incapable or handicapped or mentally/physically retarded and financially unfit.

To promote and preserve the local languages and unite as official languages.

To create awareness about disaster management.

To work for environmental awareness, sustainable development and participative management of local natural resources for village level development.

To propagate the need for tree plantation/ pollution control and environmental awareness.

To work for environmental protection like afforestation, plantation, wasteland management

To work against the exploitation of animals and birds and make sincere efforts to protect them

To work for protection and saving of forest land and trees

To promote tourism and encourage eco-friendly tourism

To give new dimensions to the educational system to explore the hidden talents of the students apart from the traditional educational system

To hold and manage educational endowment to erect equip and maintain school and colleges laboratories libraries and to make regular relating to the residence and conduct of students studying and residing in the institutions maintained and managed by the trust

To promote education especially in children

To conduct educational environment and sociological studies

To promote the use of information & Communication technology (ICT) for socioeconomic health development of the community.

To promote the participation of youth in income generation activities in the medical sector.

To establish educational professional and vocational institutions that would strengthen the development process

To organize lectures, seminars, and workshops to help or strengthen the character building process

To make provisions and arrangement for imparting education in Health related issues and other subjects

To patronize, encourage and grant stipends to a poor and deserving student for higher education and Medical Treatment and specialized study in Science or technical subjects.

To disseminate information and knowledge to edit public and print literature and documents maintain libraries and to organize and seminars/conference/meetings etc.

To product professionals and the assistance of qualified teachers professors artist medical practitioners and worker both voluntary and otherwise.

To encourage and support scientific and educational research and investigation through the publication of books, journals, magazines, newspapers newsletters and bulletins, leaflets, pamphlets and all kind of educational publications including audio and video tapes and electronic publications and retrieval systems

To establish and manage the fund for a scholarship to weaker and needy student prized/awards to meritorious students to ensure the establishment of a higher sense of competitiveness amongst the students

To conduct meetings. conferences, studies, surveys, etc connection with health Education in general

To render and support all kind of social, educational service irrespective of race, color, the religious conviction of grouping including the opening and running of educational institutions such as pre-school primary and secondary schools which may include boarding facilities college techniques universities, etc libraries cultural and tertiary studies within the country and abroad

To establish and run news and educational channels for the interests.