That the registered office of the Trust shall be situated at Mohalla Kama Khan Tehsil Haveli district Poonch, J & K, India and at F-501 Sarita Vihar, New Delhi India and such other place or Places as the Board of Trustees may decide from time to time. Branch/Administrative offices can be opened in any part of the country or outside of the country for the smooth functioning of the Trust.

The Board of Trustees shall hold a sum of Rupee 10,000/- (Rupee ten Thousand Only) this day paid to them, and all monies, Funds, other movable or immovable properties and incomes thereof which may hereinafter be received by the Board Trustees from time to time as Gifts, Donations, Grants, Subscriptions, Sadqa, Khairat or otherwise for the purposes of the Trust and the Trust fund shall vest in the Trustees jointly.

That the objectives of the Trust shall be whole of the public and charitable purposes and incomes shall be applied for the same and accumulated in India wholly for Public and charitable purposes without prejudices to generality or provisions aforesaid and the following shall be deemed to the principal objectives of “F.B.R. Welfare Trust”.