To raised fund through collection, donation or subscription and other means and invest money or incur expenditure in such manner as shall promote the attainment of aims and objectives of the trust.

To accept or collect subscription donation grants, services, and interest from any Religious Institution, Sadqa, Khairat and from Government, Association, corporation and independent person etc.

To take step by personal or written appeals, exhibitions, public meetings, entertainment or otherwise as may be deemed expedient for purposes of the trust with a view to procure contribution, funds of the Trust in the form of donation, legacies, annual payment or otherwise.

To draw, make, accept and endorse cheques, note and bills.

To do all acts, and deeds and things, legally admissible are as conducive to the attachment of any or all the object of Trust.

To crate the means for providing medical assistance to the people suffering from diseases, epidemics, especially for helpless people.

To create training/education center and health center.

To organize forums, seminar camps, rallies, etc for spreading good living habits, moral values and method of developing self-confidence etc and to create centers throughout the country for the above activities.

To work for uplifting poor rural/village people for their overall development.

Provide scholarship/financial help to poor rural village people for their overall development.

To provide help to people suffering from Natural Calamities such as flood, Earthquakes, motor accident etc.

To provide feel legal advice to poor people.

To create awareness among the people regarding AIDS and epidemic etc.

To educate people against taking drugs and Alcohol.

To arrange lands, building and other facilities for running school/college Institution / Library etc.

To undertake any other work or assignment this may be for the general Welfare of the people.

To run economic project and investment with purpose of supporting the aims and objectives of the Trust.